Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the should's versus the do's

I Should be writing my report cards... I Am, typing this entry instead...
I feel there is SO much to say every moment, I can't keep up! Hahaha- I feel ridiculously blessed that this is the way things are, however, I wish there was a way to bottle it up, stop time, open the bottle, create, start time again and repeat the necessary steps to attain the worlds I want.

Yesterdays highlight was a video my friend posted on my FB wall that made me burst into quiet tears while at work. I left immideately after watching it, grabbed my spray cans from home, jumped back onto my bike and headed for this abandoned bar/warehouse I've been eyeing since I moved here. The space was incredible! 3 or 4 stories, an open roof top an old stage, beautiful grafiti art and windows galore!
I made him a quick DIY video to solidify the fact I was thinking of him and then decided to tag my Thai name in one spot on the roof. That name is Dok Mai which means Garden. While in China we dissected my name "Patricia Hagen" and found Patricia means Loyal and Hagen means Garden making my Chinese name  Zhōng Chéng Huā Yuán or for short Hua Hua. So in Thailand, I only found it natural to keep the tradition, plus my tattoos do most of the explaining for the reason of its choosing.
As for right now.... there's a lot going on at work. It's the last week and report cards are due, summer school needs planning, creating and implementing, my employers have a whole world on their plate, I have 3 new children this week and my assistant is leaving early to head back to Germany.
BUT, a good friend is in town easing my worries and keeping me sane. I wish I had more fun to post as there's SO much of it. But the sun's going down, and my boss and I are heading out for drinks... her name's Air, by the way. Air and Dan. Much more friends than empolyers...

Cheers- Chok Di! (cheers in thai) xxxx





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