Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the Now, to be in the Past, once a beer is ordered

"She went to see a Mystic who made medicine from rain
And gave up her existence to feel everything, dream others' dreams
Bid farewell to her family with one ecstatic wave (Please take care I love you all)
Out the window as the car rolled away
She just vanished into a thick mist of change"

"Hot Knives"  Bright Eyes

First time I've heard this song. It's sunny out. I'm in Laos hanging by the Mekong, allowing time to go by at its own pace. Should be leaving for home tomorrow to have another move. Same city (thank goodness!) but out of the ex-pat condo with the pool and air conditioning to a nice wooden house in a lovely wooded area near a lake that is surrounded by low mountain peaks. I'm excited for the change, but I can't shake a feeling of nervousness. Me? In the woods? With insects and dirt galore? My mother is probably having a laugh considering I've spent my whole adult life avoiding anything but major cities and exciting night life and when I lived with her (9 years ago!!!!! crazy...) I would not so silently bawl at the sight of a moth.

As for the current: Laos is beautiful! A friend and I took the slow boat from the border of Laos to Luang Probang- 2 days on the Mekong with a group of sweet foreigners who we drank and smoked and laughed with for the first rainy week there after. We then headed up to the mountains to Non Kuai and chilled out on our balcony overlooking another river, and some more mountain peaks. After that, I followed a friends advice, blindly, and ended up at an eco resort where everything is made from sustainable and recycled resources and marijuana plants bloomed just as naturally as the orchids and hundreds of mushrooms. My first hour in, the owner took my hand and lead me to a natural pool of rainwater. We smoked, stripped and went for a lovely swim, bathing with soap and then rinsing off with bucket showers. I stayed there for almost a week, enjoying the lack of electricity and cares. I then, finally, headed into Vientiane (the capital) to pick up my Thai visa and wait.... Not too sure for what exactly, but as my existence has proven to me thus far, time does most of the work for you. Patience is truly the art of human existence I think. Patience, trust, and positive intentions... i think...for now.

To a nice sunny day and a realm of possibilities- kisses.

Laos photo album to come- xx

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