Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brothertiger - A House Of Many Ghosts

A friend just sent me this... lovin' it. x

The Dodos - Walking

just stumbled across this...

The Day....

As consistent to the past, I had hundreds of thoughts and observations I wanted to share to paint a picture of my where abouts, but now, after 18 hours of travel, I'm beat.
It's not leisurely travel, but the all too familiar visa run trip.
I wanted to share 2 new songs I'm working on.
Too bad, I can't record at the moment, but this trip has at least given me the time and space to write, think, drink and make lists.
And being creative without my usual travel supply of paints, paper, instruments and the necessary craft utensils (i.e. glue, scissors, etc...) I have turned to writing and thinking.
Tomorrow I'll explore Vientiane via cycle and then, hopefully, I will have enough to share.

Much Love- xxx

The Wires that Seperate Us

A cheezy song that deserves bells, an accordian and some trash can drumming...
written at 20:08 pm 31/05/11 (yesterday)

When you told me you weren't sleeping
I knew it was a lie
to get me out of feeling
bad 'cause it was barely 5
Now the world ain't turning
quite as fast as before
now it seems the distance
is made only out of wire
   i i i

I didn't think it would happen this way
3 years I've been gone
Although everything's changed
When I talk to you
it all seems the same
When you take the piss
it all feels the same

We talk about the States
and all there is to do
I told you I'd hop box cars
to spend the day with you
You inform me that the booze train
is actually for real
and I can't explain
the comfort that i feel now

One day we'll be drunk in a box on a train
and everything will go back to normal again
yeah everything yeah everything ... again.


I didn't think it would happen....