Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Wires that Seperate Us

A cheezy song that deserves bells, an accordian and some trash can drumming...
written at 20:08 pm 31/05/11 (yesterday)

When you told me you weren't sleeping
I knew it was a lie
to get me out of feeling
bad 'cause it was barely 5
Now the world ain't turning
quite as fast as before
now it seems the distance
is made only out of wire
   i i i

I didn't think it would happen this way
3 years I've been gone
Although everything's changed
When I talk to you
it all seems the same
When you take the piss
it all feels the same

We talk about the States
and all there is to do
I told you I'd hop box cars
to spend the day with you
You inform me that the booze train
is actually for real
and I can't explain
the comfort that i feel now

One day we'll be drunk in a box on a train
and everything will go back to normal again
yeah everything yeah everything ... again.


I didn't think it would happen....

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