Sunday, February 27, 2011

....more than words can say

So much time has passed... If I were to do a series of self portraits today, I couldn't imagine how different they would be from just last month.
I've moved to a new city, started a new job, am begining my involvement with a new project and have basically opened an unoficial guesthouse in my new apartment. Time has been filled with children, gardens, new friends, old friends, laughter, tears, cameras, guitars, mountains and motorbikes. It's been quite the month....
I'm not sure how much Ive enjoyed and how much Ive stressed, but Ive certainly learned quite a bit. There are countless posts I wrote in my head, promising myself that Id remember every filling of every moment, but they've somehow slipped into that gray oblivion that so much of ourselves endlessly exists in.
Basically, today feels more balanced than yesterday. I miss my friends very, very much. I wish I could exist in 100 places at once. The air is decorated with the results of forest fires galore... But, I'm watching a documentary on American Blues, eating a cinamon roll, drinking a lychee smoothie, after a morning of motorbike rides and thai food stalls before I get ready for an evening of guitar, lesson plans and a collection of European short films... so all in all not bad.
This is the start of regular posts.
Till tomorrow- xxx

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