Saturday, December 4, 2010


It seems I have been running forever. From one job to the next; one city to the next; one life to the next... From an outsiders perspective, this may still seem the case, and to an extent, I suppose they're right. But what a lot of people misunderstand is that I'm running towards something, not away.
Yesterday, 1pm GMT, I arrived at London's Heathrow Airport, in an effort to flee the snow and ice. (Hmmm... guess i am running away from some things... :) I attempted to watch some recent films and ended up sleeping most of the way to Amman. Here, I had a connecting flight to Bangkok but being as I'd never visited Jordan, I feigned a stomach bug to see if I could 'rest' for a few days until boarding my connecting flight. It was working to the extent the men of the airline offered me cigarettes, coffee and a place to chat in their private offices, but when it came down to the ticket, the penalty was more than I could afford. Thus, I boarded my 4th or 5th flight to Thailand and happily took the window seat next to this adoringly sweet Chinese woman. After fighting sleep for hours on end, I decided to peak through the shades the stewardess' had drawn and was simply amazed by the colors that soared in through the Plexiglas. The plane was flying North East over Dubai and countless mountains were creating shadows over endless valleys as the sky changed from Navy to Pink, Orange and Sky, to a blinding White. It was breathtaking. What I hope to never forget was the battleship-game-sea directly before the sun rose. The Arabian Sea was streaked with all these tiny rectangular boxes of light. Remember the game Battleship, as a kid? It was exactly like that, but real. And full of color. Full of life.
With this image in mind, I slept soundly until the woman next to me was leaning on my lap with both palms trying to catch a glimpse of the world from 3000 feet above. I gladly switched seats with her relishing in the fact that someone else shared my joy of the unseen.
What followed was a 7 hour feat from the airport to my hostel, which should only take 45 minutes. Naturally, though, it was the King of Thailand's birthday, so my journey was extended quite a bit, from one end of town to the next.As I browsed Thai script trying to make my way I became increasingly thankful for the universal symbols that are numbers. 4 buses later I am here. And for the first time in a long while, I have my own door to close, my own time to follow and a party I can join downstairs if I please.
Though, I think I'm going to stay locked away for now. The goal at the moment is to create. Play some chords, edit some visions and find how my little life can be productive, significant and of value.... head above the clouds with feet planted firmly on the ground.

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