Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's The Little Things

Every now and again, it hits us. We are tiny. We are tiny segments of reality only perceivable to those few and far between. To those who perceive us and those whom we perceive we are each affected to degrees never imaginable without the actual experience.
I considered what would happen if I gave the same care and consideration to every form of matter around me. This led me to have countless crazy dreams both unsettling and unwelcome, but appreciated none-the-less. It was because of these dreams that I awoke, once again, at the crack of dawn to grab my camera and go for a little walk. I admired all the colors and snapped away filling my imagination with the stories of people and reasons for the existence each scene. With that I created this: 

A small photo album of what exists beneath my feet, with the one exception of wires hanging over my head, which I rarely take the time to admire. The point of all it being, enjoy the little things. Every last one of them.

Do me a favor and kiss the one you love today. Or hug, or compliment or simply appreciate them. I wish I could do the same for all of you. Aside the appreciating. That's done and done.

1 comment:

  1. i can't ever stop kissing the ones i love. I'm ridiculous like that. But I think they all will appreciate it immensely. Wish you were here, or wish I was there with you. Love the pictures. Keep shooting.